New faces and new opportunities

The beginning of school.  It is always such a mixed bag as I’m sure you can image.  We have new families coming which is exciting, and we have new relational dynamics because of this to work thru as a community.  Truly as a community we are always evolving.  Aren’t we?  The joy of seeing a new face is you do not know this person and it’s exciting to think of the possibilities.  I might make a new friend?  I might find a “kindred spirit” on campus?  I might learn something new about another person and about myself?!

The fear or the anxiety of meeting a new face is you don’t know their response, and guess what, they don’t know what you are going to think of them either.  So first I want to say how enthusiastic I am about our new families joining us this 2011-2012 school year.  In addition, I want to thank all the previous families for making so many feel welcome here this Fall.  I know there is a great group of children in the Elementary program getting to know one another.  And I see the Middle & High School students “storming, and forming”.  Some are very helpful and some are still spinning in a hazy fog about which way should they go :).

As I see many young families with us I think of their hopes… like we know if our child is rested it should be a good day, and if our child is not rested we hope they just get thru the day right :).  As a father of 3, my middle child is severely struggling with allergies where we, as a family, are now is at the point of anything that will fix his sleep patterns and those of his mother …please that is what we need right now.  I know those of you who have allergies now what I am saying.  The frustration, the aggravation, and even the sorrow of it all like “please make my coughing stop, make the deep circles under my eyes go away, and please help me get some rest.”

As the father I ache for my child, and for my wife who has at times gone without sleep to help his asthma.  And as the School Head I ache for our community to adjust to one another and to embrace a classmate, or for someone new to find Glenforest their home, to know this is a safe place in their life, to be at peace while finding new ways to learn.  I can’t make the allergies go away for AJ, and I can’t force relationships to grow any faster but I can foster a healthy dust free environment for my son, and I can open lines of communication with the doctor for him.  So it is with this blog that I hope I can assure you we are working diligently to extend a hand of friendship here at Glenforest, encouraging each child to be patient and to be considerate of one another, to know from the School Head to the Teachers – your child is safe in this place.

Your child will be loved, and we are in an environment which is being fostered so that each student K-12 is nurtured, educated, and challenged.  Each of our Bulldog students is a part of the Glenforest family.

Therefore, as School Head, you have my commitment to keep the lines of communication open, but if you are not certain please ask.  Please do not feel you can’t talk to me or a fellow administrator with whom you can be transparent about a request or question.  If there is doubt, if there is fear, if there is an unrealized, hidden expectation I encourage you to make it known, and then I would ask allow us time to respond appropriately.  Your presence here at Glenforest, in this community, is valued as you are.  And together I hope we can show the world the purpose of community and embracing one anothers differences.  More on this next week when I share a little bit about our Senior class of students.

Ps.  Every teacher has expressed to me their hope to better share with you of the progress in these relationships soon.  And every teacher continues to explore with your child ways to better work together in the classroom and around campus and I am very grateful to our teachers for their service as well.  – Kindly, Mr. Winkler


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