After School Choices For Glenforest Students

So what happens on campus for students after the bells ring at 3:10 dismissing classes for the day?  Great question since the options are extensive.  First, I will just bold the item in the list to state the title then I will mention a few of the options describing the item. We can explain more extensively if there are further questions about an item or direct you to the person who knows best.

  • Study with a specific teacher (Teachers are in classrooms till 4:00pm Monday thru Thursday)
  • Catch-Up Club” which is hosted in Mrs. Branham’s class and parents are notified prior to 2:00pm on the day of.  This time is assigned to benefit the child from falling behind.
  • Strings taught by Mrs. Watson where students learn to play instruments like the viola, cello and other stringed instruments. Her talent to teach music is amazing!
  • Sports which allow everyone to participate since Glenforest does not have try-outs.  If you want to play and will dedicate yourself to trying, the coach will work with you.
  • Clubs like History, Theater, and others where students gather to socialize, discuss interests, and play without competitive purposes.  Students are encourage to start clubs they would like to be in such as a band, legos, science, photography, art, and others.
  • Friday Fun Club which is a great time from 2:30pm on Friday if the students due well on behavior in the classroom all week.  Students are encouraged to be active on campus with such privileges as Student Government, and Yearbook.  Fun Friday is a reward for classroom interaction that is a positive reinforcement to proper conduct.  Teachers award points for good classroom conduct.
  • Social Skills Instruction taught by Mr. Ramis to better address behaviors due to such learning differences like ADHD, and Autism.
  • AfterCare which runs for parents unable to make it over to school to pick up their student.  The fee is $10.00 per day.  This begins at 3:45 and runs till 6:00pm.  Mr. Billy Briggs oversee’s this time which includes playing outdoors in the sunshine, snack in the Canteen, computer / library time, and other fun activities enjoyed by the students.

This list helps us share with our families what are possible options after school for your family.  Many of our students enjoy hanging out with individual teacher’s for a variety of reasons.  Our purpose, ultimately, is to see the students engage in a higher relationship and begin to expand their horizons in the Fine Arts and Athletics.  Such lifelong activities can bring great rewards and positive experiences to build upon.  For questions please email or call us at 803-796-7622.