GFS Senior Leadership Meets To Review Critical Success Factors

Over the Holiday break the school’s Senior Leadership met to plan our vision for 2012-2016.  As we combine our strenghts and review our weaknesses, we reflected on what has made Glenforest great over the years.  As well as what will serve Glenforest families in the years to come.  We are thrilled to know many parents are volunteering now for the 2016-2017 SACS accreditation review.  Clearly the leadership is confident in our mission and purpose.

We firmly believe the work our teachers and students can do and will do is impressive in any school.  We understand not every student is talented in every area (reading, math, writing, etc), but we know every child is here to succeed and our work is to “unlock” their abilities.  Our effort will be focused on communicating this vision and will require the valuable input of our community.  Please continue to offer your suggestions in our community box, as well as online.  Also, consider attending the upcoming community meeting to be announced in late January – early February.

Our Senior Leadership is grateful to those serving on the school board and the advisory board for their proactive support and financial acumen to propel Glenforest as we plan beyond 2020!  Our next step is to now address our Critical Success Factors (CSF) revealed in the December 20th planning session.

If you are an alumnus or know of alumni please encourage them too with this survey opportunity linked to provide us with needed input and feedback.

Very Respectfully,

Chris Winkler
Head of School