Social Thinking Actions

Recently our faculty had some discussion on Social Thinking skills, which is the ability to consider one’s thoughts, emotions, etc and interpret social interactions in order to respond in a community type of behavior.  This would include sharing space with another person, interpreting books or movies and is often necessary in working as a group with peers for an academic purpose.  This may sound ordinary but for an Asperger’s or High-Functioning Autistic, or ADHD this may be fairly weak requiring direct instruction daily.

Teachers and Parents can support the child by discussing the possible outcomes if understood by the child, or negative consequences if the student is unable to interpret appropriately.  These types of interactions can help reduce conflict or increase it to the point where a student feels bullied.  There can be recommended therapy by counselors, as well as daily discussing with the child ways to find common ground, opportunities to remove conflict by using such strategies as “I Laugh”, or coping mechanisms that are low profile.  This aids the student to adapt across communities (school, home, neighborhood, Scouts, sports, etc).

If you are interested in knowing more please go to Michelle Garcia Winner’s site: to learn about this opportunity to aid your student or someone you know.


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