Taxes and Tuition Payments

Is paying for a private, special needs school tax deductible?  Yes, and this blog is to assist parents of Glenforest students and parents of students attending a similar school (like a Dore Academy in NC or a Camperdown Academy in the Upstate).

We as educators thank you for the privilege of having your child enrolled in our school and we recognize the significant sacrifice you have made financially to be enrolled!  Therefore we want you to KNOW your tuition for Glenforest School, a 501©3 not for profit special needs school, is tax-deductable because of our special school / medical status and can be claimed on your 2011 tax filing.  You will need to share this with your tax advisor.  This statement is supported by the following links online for your own research:

Many times, as Head of School, I have heard that such deductions were unknown by either past, current or future families.  My hope is that this blog and these links will encourage you to relook at this for your family.  This is hopefully a resource and support to you in your financial planning.  Thank you.


One response to “Taxes and Tuition Payments

  1. I am looking for information about tax/special school and I found your blog. Nobody seems to know about that. Even my account never knew about it. Thank you!

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