Why does my child need a psycho-educational evaluation?

Why does my child need a psycho-educational evaluation?


By Danielle Cevallos, Special Education Director for Glenforest School

A psycho-educational evaluation is a  comprehensive evaluation done on your child that assesses their academic ability, performance levels, and behaviors. This can be a useful tool for  teachers, and administrators, as it provides them with important information regarding your child’s academic strengths and needs. If your child was diagnosed with a learning disability, ADHD, or any other IDEA category of disability, they may also be able to apply for accommodations on SAT/ACT testing, as well as for accommodations in college. However,  in order to apply for those types of accommodations,  students will need to have a recent psycho-educational evaluation (done within the last three years) that clearly outlines their diagnosis.  These evaluations can only be done by a licensed school psychologist. A Psycho-educational evaluation will be a useful tool for both you and school personnel to use in guiding your child’s academic plan.

If you are interested in having your child tested, you can go one of two routes:

1.  Public School Testing– you can write a letter to your zoned school’s psychologist, guidance counselor and or principal,  and request that your child be tested, if you need a person you can speak with Head of School, Chris Winkler as well. Let them know that you are looking for  current information on your child’s academic/behavioral abilities and performance levels. The cost of this is free, but you may have to wait a while before your child is actually tested based on the waiting list and procedures.

2.  Private Psychologists– while there is a cost involved in using a private psychologist, you will likely get a an extremely thorough report, and plenty of personal attention.  You will also probably have less of a wait time. If you are interested in pursuing this route, the cost will likely be between $1200-$3500, depending on the psychologist’s fees. I have included a list of local private psychologists that Glenforest knows and families have used.


Bill Sullivan-Lake Psychological / 803-699-8887 /North East Columbia

Lake Murray Behavioral and Counseling Center / 803-520-8298 /Lexington

Betsy Grier / (803) 935-5604 / North East Columbia

The Price Group / 803 252-5777 / Downtown Columbia

Although this is not a comprehensive list, and of course we can work with others should someone list to be included this is a short list of commonly used locations / services.  If there are questions or comments please do call or email us.




Children and the Internet

A recent website I discovered may be of great service to you regardless of your child’s age.  Time Warner Cable has done an outstanding job of providing a resource for navigating technology with your children.  The link Common Sense Media has multiple topics including cyberbullying, advice, research, frequency, movies, television and much more.

I’m hopeful this resource will be a tool for your family conversations.  Respectfully,