1st Day of School – Full of Smiles!


The MS class enjoyed visiting Mr. Calvert’s new pond, over by the baseball field!






Dad and student enjoy the first day back after a long summer break!

Mom and student enjoy the first day back after a long summer break!

Mrs. White walking Lower Elementary around school.

Ms. Grimsley with Upper Elementary.

8.20.12 Parent Back 2 School Open House Reminder

Wow, summer is coming to an end and Glenforest School is hosting the 30th annual parents back 2 school open house (what a mouthful!).  For 30 years since 1983, Glenforest School has been educating students that have a variety of learning styles.  More than 5,000 students have attended with some 300+ graduates now spread all over the Southeast region Glenforest School has much to be proud of.  Our graduates have attended over 45+ universities, and certification programs in higher education; and many other graduates have gone on after HS to full time employment or service within the United States military.  What a rich history!

Glenforest is excited to have such a strong and diverse alumni.  These examples are role models to many of our current and prospective students for a variety of reasons.  Graduates have excelled in higher learning after receiving their diploma from Glenforest.  Many of our alumni are now giving back to their community and to our student body with such activities as “Career Day”, chamber functions, and other on-campus events.

As we embark on 30 years we as administration and faculty will be reminding the graduating class of 2013, our Student Government Association, student activity leaders and underclassmen that this year is a defining moment in their academic journey.  Why?  Because, do to the hard work, sacrifice and investment of many, this 2012-2013 student body can experience a wonderful and courageous environment known throughout the Midlands, the state of South Carolina, and in the world of learning differences!  This is our Bulldog pride found at Glenforest School.

So on Monday evening, returning and new families will gather at 6:00pm to meet their teachers, see their classrooms and tour their campus.  Then at 6:30pm a general meeting will be held in the auditorium to share highlights planned for 2012-2013 with representatives at various tables to assist in PTSO, school uniforms, carpooling, guidance and booster club activities.  Many bits of information can be obtained at these tables to better assist family planning for the 2012-13 school year.

Shortly after 7:30pm families can continue the campus tour, visiting with friends and faculty, reviewing packets of information, and /or attending the annual athletic meeting held in the gym with our very own, Barefoot Coach William Knopf.  The open house will conclude at 8:30pm.

6:00pm  Open House (Visit Classes/Teachers)
6:30pm  General Meeting (Auditorium)
7:30pm Options (Visits / Athletic Meeting)
8:30pm  Wrap Up / Teachers Return Home For A Good Night’s Rest

The first day of school will begin at 8:00am, however doors will open at 7:30am for those needing to get a jump start on their day.  Drop off will be supervised in the canteen, and of course parents are welcome to walk their student to class if they desire.  A general assembly will be held from 8:15am to 9:00am where our very own Dean of Students will welcome back our students for his 28th year.

Afterwards there will be a full day of classes that finishes at 3:10pm and a study hall will be available until 4pm in class rooms.  Students are asked to either remain in study hall, or leave campus with their rides.  Athletic practices will begin at 4pm with their teammates.

As a review the 1st day Wednesday timeline is as follows:

7:30am  Early Drop Off
8:00am  First Bell
8:15am  General Assembly (Parents Welcome)
9:00am  Classes continue through the day
3:10pm  Classes end
Study Hall Available / Students depart campus with ride
4:00pm  Athletic Practices begin

The first day will be used by the teachers to set an exciting tone for the year.  Their information will also be found online with our Sycamore resource.  The details of their course can be found in the class syllabus for your preview and family discussion.

This short synopsis is posted to assist you as you begin your 2012-2013 academic year here at Glenforest School, where educating students differently for the last 30 years is our mission and privilege.  If you still have further questions many of the answers can be found online and in Sycamore. Thank you for your time in preparation for the school year.

Very Respectfully Yours,

Chris Winkler
Head of School