Gratitude For The School Year

As the school year (2012-2013) begins to draw to a close I have a lot of action items I wanted to get posted. I wanted to share, I wanted to explain, to communicate, to challenge, and to accomplish in partnership with others.  Although I did not get as far as I wanted, I am grateful to those who helped us get to where we did accomplish much!

I will try to update this blog again soon with the many achievements of others.  Their great work deserves much recognition and applause so I will persevere!!  The goal is to continue to find ways to praise others, show GRATITUDE, and build up both teachers and students alike who by their partnership and determination have exceeded their plans, hopes, and wishes!

In closing I want to post a great, short, funny clip from a website email that I subscribe to ( )

Here it goes…

“We asked our teacher-authors to share with us some funny things their students said during the first week of school.”

“I was explaining to my first graders what they would learn during the year. One of my students asked if they would learn 5 + 5. I responded that they would even learn 9 + 9. Joey replied that he could never learn that. I asked why not, reassuring him that he was very smart and good at math. He responded, ‘I can never learn 9 + 9 because I don’t have enough fingers!'” — Ann Fausnight

“We were talking about what makes us special. One of my little girls shot up her hand. I asked, ‘What makes you special?’ And she said, ‘I’m part parakeet!’ I am sure I looked puzzled, but then I used context clues from the previous student’s comment about being part Indian. I said, ‘Oh, you are part Cherokee?’ And she said, ‘YES!!!'” — Kathy Griffin

“Today a student asked me what was wrong, so I explained that I was trying to get in shape and my muscles weren’t used to it and were sore. He just shook his head and said, ‘Wow, you must be really old.’ So another student spoke up and said, ‘Don’t make fun of Mrs. Seymour. You have to be nice to old people.'” — Mrs. Seymour

“The first week of school is the toughest because I’ve been off all summer and not used to getting up so early or working non stop all day long. I was exhausted by the end of each day and apparently it showed. One student told her mom that I looked really tired and needed a gift. What was it? An energy drink!” — Nia’s Niblets

– by Paul Edelman, Founder, TpT

Now that is worth the post! Stay tuned for more photos, and insights from the end of the year!!


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