Strategic Planning Process For The Master Plan Outcome

So we will meet on Mond, Jan 2nd from 8:30 – 11am:

  1. Answering the question what does our future look like at GFS?
  2. SACS 5 year SP
  3. Financial Keys
  4. Other (fill in the blank and bring this with you on Monday please)

Possible examples for your consideration during our discussion:


  • Drafted Temporary SP for SACS Nov 2011 visit
  • Met with Administration to discuss 2 objectives per person
  • Concerns shared with Board about SACS (Lack Data, No Vision Statement, Address School Climate, Teacher Quality, and Student Achievement)
  • Met Tuesday, 12/20/11 for a day retreat to dialogue about Critical Success Factors

Outside Resources For Consideration:

  1.  (COMMON MISTAKES IN SPlanning)
  2. (comments critical to thinking big but practical)
  3. (To have a vision is critical to the implementation of the Strategic Plan)


Vision Killers

As you engage in the visioning process, be alert to the following vision killers:

  • Tradition
  • Fear of ridicule
  • Stereotypes of people, conditions, roles and governing councils
  • Complacency of some stakeholders
  • Fatigued leaders
  • Short-term thinking
  • “Naysayers”

Exercise in Creating a Vision

Take the time to assimilate this information, use the following example to exercise your planning techniques:

It is five years from today’s date and you have, marvelously enough, created your most desirable school. Now it is your job, as a team, to describe it – as if you were able to see it, realistically around you.

Respond to the following questions:

  • How has the job market changed?
  • What have we done to prepare our students for success in this world?
  • What do we as teachers, volunteers, and board members spend most of our time doing?
  • How are our meetings structured?

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