The Ways That Families Have Given To Glenforest School

As a parent, or friend of or grandparent there are many ways you can help Glenforest School provide more resources to the students which will lower tuition costs in the year(s) ahead.  We also extend our thanks to those who have done the following:

Shop @ Target with Target Credit Card that is affiliated with Glenforest School.  In 2011-12 over $865.00 came to Glenforest School because of families doing so.

Shop @ Bi-Lo with an affiliated booster card that is swiped at the check out counter.  The Bi-Lo mailed us a quarterly check (rebates) recently for a little less than $200.00 and the cards are available here at Glenforest or you can ask Bi-Lo to affiliate your current card with Glenforest School.

If you become aware of other local shopping stores please let us know.

In addition, if you are interested in naming Glenforest School as  a beneficiary in a life insurance policy please speak with us to assist.  There are more details regarding this program online for family consideration.

Thank you again for your support of Glenforest School and our mission.

Girls Volleyball Seniors Celebrate Their Teamwork!

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