Next PAC Meeting – TBA

All parents will be invited to the next PTSO meeting & Parents Advisory Council (PAC).  The meeting will take place 6:30pm at Glenforest School.  Contact Dr. Tom Major or Mrs. Sandy McGuckin to get more information.  Thank you.

Past Meeting Minutes Include:

PAC Meeting / January 23, 2012

In Attendance: Kim Bendillo, Tom Major, Becky Pierce, Barron Smith, Betty Malone, Chris Winkler, Lisa Henry, Shayna Simoneaux, Monica Miller

Randy Wilson was the guest speaker for the evening and presented ways for the school to consider in their future growth:

  • Separate emblems for various school events including athletics and academics
  • All visual advertising wording should have a common element
  • Having someone else come in and look at our grounds could offer a different perspective and see things we don’t that could be upgraded
  • His company would plan to interview our stakeholders to find out what we might implement for a shared vision in areas like advertising, grounds, etc.  Also, there might be ways to reconfigure layout / facilities from the way we are using our current space.

Mr. Winkler asked parents present at the meeting if they thought he should pursue working with Mr. Wilson. The parents present said they thought it would be a good idea.  A future meeting with Mr. Winkler and Mr. Wilson was agreed upon.

Minutes from November 14, 2011 meeting

In Attendance: Tom Major, Barron Smith, Becky Pierce, Sam McGuckin, Betty Malone, Chris Winkler, Billy Briggs, Lisa Henry, Robyn Johnson, Cheri McCulley, Sandy McGuckin, William Knopf

  •  Students will go caroling at Agape on December 2; PAC members can make goodies to send; Betty Malone will play piano.
  • Cook Book update: please make sure School Board and Advisory Board get recipe forms.
  • PTSO will meet on November 9, 2011 and then again on February 24, 2012; can we have Parent /Teacher conferences on Thursday night for 2 hours and then on Friday after school is dismissed at 12:00?
  • Request for light to be added to sign at entrance; suggestion for SCE&G to add a light to the pole at the end of the driveway.
  • Suggestion to invite private speech pathologists to a lunch and learn.
  • Suggestion to have Glenforest students and families beautify area around West Columbia sign or other public area where we can also put a small sign to advertise our school.
  • Question? Are we going to have a float in the West Metro Christmas parade: no decision yet.
  • Discussed upcoming events on GF calendar

SACS update: went very well; SACS team members were very impressed with our students, our facility, and our teachers commitment to our students: we will be working on a strategic plan, ramping up our professional development, and collecting more data to provide documentation of what we are doing to ensure the success of our students

PTSO/PAC will have a combined meeting after Parent/Teacher conferences on December 9th.


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